Jan 11, 2017 Weddings

Wedding Hairstyles

Decide well beforehand on the hairstyle that you will be having on your wedding day and make sure that you use your regular hairdresser or choose someone that you can trust and book them well in advance to make sure they are available on the day.

Get them to prepare your hair in the weeks preceding your wedding so you can see that you will be satisfied with the final results and make any changes sooner rather than later to ensure that you will get the right look on the day.

Let your hairdresser know what your wedding dress will look like and also the flower arrangements that you will be having as this can influence the style of hair that will look most appropriate.

Your hairdresser might even need some flowers to add to your hair so make sure that they are delivered early enough on the day to be included in your hair preparation.

One other factor that you might need to consider is whether you will have a backup hairdresser should anything untoward happen to the one that you plan to have preparing your hair on the day.

As your wedding is a one time event you need to make sure that you have all contingencies covered as anything can go wrong.

Make sure also that your backup hairdresser knows precisely what type of hairstyle is required.
You could even take some photos of your preparatory hair style so that you have something to show should another hairdresser be needed.

In addition to all these points that you need to remember you should also phone your hairdresser in the days before the wedding to see that everything is in order and once again on the day or night before the wedding as a last minute checkup and reminder.

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