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Smoking You Will Get Benefits At Any Age

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People will often use the excuse that they are too old to stop smoking and assume that because they have been smoking for most of their life it seems pointless to stop in their latter years.

What they should realize is their body will start repairing the damage that has been done from long term smoking as soon as 20 minutes after their last cigarette.

Yes your health will begin to start improving that soon. Within that time your blood pressure will begin to decrease as will your pulse rate.

The increased blood pressure that is caused by smoking is one of the reasons why those who smoke are more susceptible to heart disease.

Within approximately 8 hours the levels of carbon monoxide that are present in the blood will drop and there will be increased levels of oxygen and this will help to improve all aspects of your health as the bloods ability to transport oxygen to the organs of the body is crucial for optimum health.

Things continue to get better as the time from the last cigarette grows and after the first day there is a reduction in the possibility of getting a heart attack. So if you have just had a cigarette and don’t have another for the next day you have increased your chance of survival considerably.

Within two days you will begin to regain some of your sense of taste that you probably didn’t even realize you had lost. Food will taste and smell better and your sense of smell with all things (eg; flowers) will begin to improve.

Three days later and you will be having less difficulty breathing as the bronchial tubes will have relaxed. As your breathing becomes more relaxed, so does your whole body and your outlook on life. Stress levels will be lower and the chance of having anxiety problems will also diminish.

Many people will smoke in times of stress and when they are feeling anxious, yet refraining from smoking for such a short period can also bring similar aspects of well being with the improvements that you will enjoy to your health.

Over the next three months breathing will continue to improve and along with that there will be an increase in energy levels and exercising will become easier.

After the first year of ceasing smoking there will be 50% less chance of heart disease and four years or so later the chance of lung cancer will have also decreased by 50% or more.

The good news is that after 10 years or so your health will more than likely be back to that of someone who had never smoked and the pre-cancerous cells will have been replaced.

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