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Poorly Focused Diets

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Many of the weight loss programs that have come out over recent years have had a very low success rate due to the fact that they have focused on the wrong techniques of healthy weight loss.

It is not just about losing weight and that is what some people don’t seem to understand. It is about reducing the percentage of body fat and getting that to a more normal level.

Any diet that focuses purely on reducing weight without concern with the percentage of body fat and the nutritional needs of the body as a whole is setting itself up for disaster.

When you focus solely on reducing body weight you are also reducing, in many instances, the percentage of muscle in the body and that is one of the major components that helps to reduce body fat.

Muscle burns fat and the more muscle that you can retain the more fat you are going to burn so while a diet might for a short time help you to lose body weight if it is reducing muscle at the same time then the long-term effects will be that it will be become more and more difficult to reduce the percentage of fat.

The other problem with many of these fast diets and weight-loss programs is the fact that they reduce body weight so fast initially that the body’s defensive mechanisms are thrown into action.

The body will then begin to try to conserve as much body fat as possible to stop it from starving. You cannot effectively lose large amounts of body weight in a short amount of time and hope to keep it off unless the body believes it is getting all the nutrition it needs.

These ultra fast weight loss programs cause people to lose and then gain weight rapidly making it all the more difficult to lose weight the next time they try.

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