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What Has And Hasn’t Worked For You

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If you have made several attempts to quit smoking in the past then this will help you the next time you try to quit. The fact that the previous attempts didn’t work shouldn’t be regarded as a failure.

You can learn by these attempts to quit and not make the same mistakes again or use the same techniques.

Different techniques and products have varying success rates for each individual. Even the various types of nicotine patches can deliver different results.

Even some methods that you might have tried and failed with at previous attempts could work if you have addressed the main factors that cause the addiction and know the habits that are causing you to continue.

A different mindset can make all the difference as many people will attempt to quit when they either don’t believe they will or subconsciously aren’t ready for it just yet.

Unless you believe that you will follow through with your actions and quit it will be almost impossible to do so as you will not only be fighting against an addiction that has been caused by the nicotine but you will also be trying to do something against your own beliefs.

Statistics have shown that the majority of people who quit smoking have made several attempts before finally quitting the habit so any attempts that you have already made that have been unsuccessful can be regarded as the ones that you had to get out of the way before you finally kicked the habit.

Give yourself a compelling reason why you want to quit. This will be all the more powerful if you are quitting for yourself rather than to please someone else although quitting smoking to enhance the health of your children or other members of your household can be a great incentive.

You could be adding years to their life and improving their health along with your own as secondhand smoke can cause all the problems that are to be expected with a smoker’s health.

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