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Automobile Debt

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Along with credit cards automobile debt is one area that gets a lot of people in financial strife.

Most people don’t realize that one of the most profitable parts of the car dealership business is in the financing of the motor vehicles.
There is often more money to be made from the financing than from the sale of the vehicle itself.

And guess who pays for it?

You do! And you pay considerably more for it than you would from many other types of borrowing. You are probably paying interest on not only the purchase of the vehicle but also the insurance, the warranty and any other additional items that the dealer talked you into at the point of sale.

This makes for a very expensive vehicle and before many people know it they find themselves in difficulty making the monthly payments.
So how do you get out of the situation?

You need to consider what alternatives you have to reduce your automotive debt and that might mean selling your expensive motor vehicle and getting something a little more realistic considering the situation you are in.

Cars are very often an emotional buy, where the impression that your new vehicle might have on friends, family and neighbors might influence your decision into buying a more expensive vehicle by borrowing more.

You need to look at it a bit more realistically and consider what you have to deal with on a daily basis trying to make ends meet due to your car payments and then look for a better alternative.

If you can manage with one car rather than two, then offload one and use the money from that to reduce debt.

If you can get rid of your expensive vehicle that you have financed and have sufficient funds to pay cash outright for a lower grade vehicle, provided of course that it is reliable, then that would be a wise move and have a huge impact on your monthly budget.

It could also be the fast track you need to get back into a better vehicle sooner without all the debt.

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