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Men Diet Tips Lifestyles And Tastes Will Effect It

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Men Diet Tips-Lifestyles And Tastes Will Effect It

Most diets and diet information are aimed at women. This article looks at a diet for men.
Men and women gain weight for different reasons. Women gain weight due to hormones and pregnancy, in large part. Men, on the other hand, pack on pounds as a result of drinking alcohol, eating too much red meat, eating too much fast food, and not exercising at all. A diet for men has to take into account men’s tastes as well as lifestyles. Single men, in particular, need easy weight loss programs because they are not as handy in the kitchen. This is a recommended diet for men.

First of all, you should be sensible about alcohol. This does not mean that you have to give it up. In fact, alcohol can be part of a healthy diet for men. One to two glasses of red wine is even recommended for most men. You shouldn’t have more than three units of alcohol in a single day, though. A unit is a 12 ounce regular beer, a 4 ounce glass of wine or a single shot of hard liquor. Be careful with strong beers though, as a single 12 ounce can can count as 4 units!

Next, you should engage in some regular form of exercise. For some men, scheduling daily time at the gym is the best way to accommodate their busy lifestyles. But, if you have more flexibility, make a point of doing active things you enjoy. For instance, a 45 minute game of pick up basketball gives you all of the exercise you need for the day. Aim to get active to lose weight and you may not have to go on a food related diet for men!

You should also eat less red meat. Try to eat red meat no more than twice per week. Yes, that means laying off the hamburgers! But you don’t have to turn into a vegetarian either. Chicken, fish, and some kinds of pork are fine substitutes.

As I mentioned above, it is important to introduce foods other than hamburgers into your diet for men. A while back, a fast food chain had an advertisement that said “without us, some guys would starve.” And, I know that this is true for some guys! If you eat out most of the time, look for places with chicken, fish, and vegetarian options. Expand the types of foods you eat at the restaurants you go to and try new types of cuisine. Many ethnic restaurants have non-beef based dishes that are very tasty.

One of the best reasons for a diet for men is that men die of heart attacks at alarming rates. The eating habits described in this article are a big part of the reason so many men die of heart attacks. 40 percent of men do not survive their first heart attack – in other words, they have no warning that they have a silent time bomb in the middle of their chest.

If you are serious about a diet for men, read the advice in this article very carefully – and then go change your life!

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