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Music For Zumba The Four Basic Rhythms

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Music For Zumba- The Four Basic Rhythms

Music for Zumba, consists of four basic rhythms:

1. The Merengue – Fast moving feet, hip circles, and shoulder shaking

2. The Salsa – "step-timing" to a Latin beat

3. The Cumbia – A Colombian dance step

4. The Reggaeton – Latin urban music

Obviously, music for Zoomba, or Zumba, is a Latin-inspired dance-style that has become one of today’s most popular forms of exercise performed by anyone who wants to get in shape and lose weight.

Created in the mid-1990’s, in Colombia by Alberto Perez, Zumba classes have grown in number and now reach 10 million people in more than 110 countries. There are many versions of Zumba, including classes designed for beginners, children, and even senior citizens.

Perez came upon his creation quite by accident one day when he forgot his traditional dance music and had to improvise with what he had on hand, which was these four types of Latin music. Zumba was born that day.

Perez brought his fast-paced dance concept to Miami, Florida in 1999 and spent two years looking for someone to partner with him. In 2001, Zumba Fitness, LLC was formed as a partnership between Perez, Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion.

The Zumba program offers six types of classes.

1. The Zumba beginner’s fitness class teaches the novice the four types of rhythms and the steps that accompany them.

2. Zumba Gold classes targets the baby boomer and senior citizen population with modified moves and a slightly slower pace.

3. Zumba Toning Classes incorporate the use of a toning stick and combines targeted body-sculpting exercises with cardiovascular dance exercises.

4. Zumba in the Circuit is a high-intensity 30-minute class that combines the original dance moves with circuit-training.

5. Aqua Zumba participants do the cardio work and body toning moves in a pool.

6. Zumbatomic classes are designed exclusively for children between the ages of 4 and 12.

All instructors are formally trained and certified to teach Zumba so if you join a class you can be sure that the instructor knows what they are doing and can help modify the moves if need be until you reach the adequate fitness level to advance in intensity.

All instructors choreograph their own routines for their classes so it would be your best bet to find classes taught by the same instructor, on the different days of the week you choose to attend, so you are not constantly learning new routines.

Some instructors will choose to increase the variety of their classes by adding more modern steps to their Zumba routine such as Hip-Hop, Samba, and Belly-Dancing.

Weighted toning sticks are used during the Zumba Toning classes to enhance rhythm, build strength, and tone muscles. The toning stick is a 1 lb., sand-filled, maraca shaped accessory used during the toning portion of the routine. Toning sticks come in pairs and one is held in each hand during the Zumba fitness class as instructed.

The music for Zoomba, or Zumba, makes these routines fun so the workout you get doesn’t seem like a workout. To find a class near you go to

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