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Setting Goals And Objectives

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Frustration usually arises from situations where people feel they have no control of.

Consider this young executive who have forgotten to prepare his sales pitch for tomorrow. He’s scheduled to present to the ten top executives of a company about the latest luxury car that had arrived yesterday morning. It is already two hours past midnight. He was so tired. He is still wearing his office clothes. Two in the morning and only now that he remembers to study the car parts, engine and new gadgets. Now, he wants to point the blame to his boss for having him write the monthly report when he knew very well of his scheduled sales pitch. If only he had written it down or punched a reminder on his PocketPC.

Blame it all you want to somebody else, but the fault always lies to the person who fails to schedule and set goals and objectives.

Pitfalls in Setting Goals and Objectives

1. Where you are

Is my goal attainable where I am right now?

Know your personal circumstance and decide if a goal that you need to set is reachable. It should be attainable within the time period that you plan to construct.

2. What obstacles you have to face

Do I see a time constraint in reaching this goal? I have pending work, can I finish them on time to do this task?

After understanding your personal circumstance, identify the constraints. Make a list of them so you can attend to each item properly.

3. What strategies you can use to overcome them.

Can I make arrangements with my boss regarding my deadline? Can I set appointments? More importantly, can I delegate some of the tasks that I have just written down?

Setting goals and objectives is much like a very careful planning. A person must identify possible threats to the completion of the goal and outline strategies to counter them.

What is Often Overlooked

1. Setting of priorities

Identify your priorities in life. Most people don’t even know what or who they want to be in the future.

Take the case of the young executive. If he voiced out to his boss that the sales pitch tomorrow may get them 7 car sales, his boss might snatch from your hand the monthly report and slam it on the desk of your co-worker.

Know your priorities and assert your priorities when needed.

2. Accept Your Fears

Most people fear to set goals. Either they are afraid of their future or they just simply made a choice to enjoy the present. Usually, the former is identified as the culprit.

Fear of setting your goals too high. Fear of making a commitment. Fear of not knowing what course to tread on.

Whatever you fear, keep in mind that by setting goals and objectives, you are, step by step, moving towards your dream.

3. Goals are a Map of your Life

Most people see goals as restrictions or obstacles to their sense of freedom.

But critics should see goals the other way around.

It is a map that you made. It shows you where you are and what roads you are treading into.

You made that map. It is yours to modify according to what priorities you have set.

4. Consult your Goals

Usually, goals are set but are forgotten during the day. They need to be regularly consulted to remind yourself that they need to be accomplished. Goals will give you an idea what road to take or when it is the best time to stop.

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