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What Motivates Us? The Simple Truth

In today’s world of lack, scarcity, and fear, it sometimes feels that this is all there is. There is a strong sense of persuasion that life is hard and that it is a daily struggle which is the truth we have created in our mind.

If you think back to how you felt as a child, the feeling where anything was possible, that the whole world was your oyster, this feeling takes you back to a place of incredible joy. There is this feeling you tend to lose as you grow older, whether you have had it torn out of you by anger and hurt, or if you have been taught from childhood that life is a pain full of lies.

As a child, everything around you was new and wonderful, and you had no fear of it. You believe in the truth you were told making you achieve great things. But as you reached out to embrace it, you were also taught to fear it too; by your parents, your teachers, and your peers since some of the truth tend to be lies, killing your motivation. The world as a whole does not want you to be free of fear, as the world controls the majority of the population through fear. But, what can motivate you is a simple truth, knowing if you are right or wrong help you to make the next step and also great decision. The truth helps you see and experience life in a different, more fulfilling way. It is the truth that you learn your mistakes, knowing if you can do better or decide to make a change that you always wanted.

The intense joy that is the life that you are living now, the pure happiness that is available to you on a day-to-day basis, if you can realize the truth about yourself and how the universe works, then there is nothing that cannot be yours. Now it is time to utilize that amazing power that you have at your disposal and create your perfect universe. With the true words we will share with people, you will see how a magnificent, joyful can begin to unfold for you. Remember, it might take a little getting used to, but the results are worth it.

Finally, a simple truth can make a huge impact. It does not necessary mean it’s positive. An example is, knowing that your partner is cheating on you can push you to a breaking point motivating you to do thing you have never done before like murder or suicide. A positive example is knowing that your parents are in debt trying to support you can make you work even harder so as to support them. There is a big motivation that comes within you knowing the truth that can change your life forever.

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