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Emotional Changes In Adolescent Boys

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Emotional Changes Found in Adolescent Boys

Your adolescent son may seem to be turning into a completely different individual than he once was. What is happening to him, and why? There are many changes, and reasons for them. Read on to discover more about teenage boys.


A troubling issue that many parents of teenage boys notice, is that their sons begin to display what seems to be a large amount of anger. There are a few factors that contribute to this, and it is a very normal emotion that comes into play at this part of a young man’s life.

One part of the equation is the feeling that life is unfair, and the frustration and powerlessness that come with feeling more independent yet still having to deal with someone else making all the rules. You can partially avoid this issue by rewarding your son’s maturity by giving him extra privileges and chances for independence.

Another part of the equation is the fact that puberty brings with it many hormones and chemical changes which influence your son’s emotions. This can lead to surges of anger as he attempts to deal with these new feelings. As your son works through his anger, keep tabs on him to ensure that his anger is not an unending battle for him, as continuous anger can be a sign of depression.


Moodiness is another emotion found commonly in adolescent boys. The hormones that their body produces can lead to confusing feelings. This causes mood swings, and feelings that can fluctuate between excitement and fearlessness to feeling sad and low within a matter of moments.

Your son will often take his strongest feelings out on those he feels comfortable with, and since you are likely one of those closest to him, you will often bear the worst of it. This proves your son’s comfort level with you, and therefore should not be always taken as a negative sign.


Although teenage boys will go through periods where they want nothing but their friends, they may also display signs of isolation at times. This is normal as your son tries to figure out who and what he wants in his world. If your son is spending an extraordinary amount of time alone, however, it is important to talk to him and see exactly what is going on. Extreme isolation can be a sign of depression that needs to be dealt with.


As puberty hits, aggression will rear its head in the lives of the boys who are going through it. This is necessary in part to help young boys become men who will stand up for important issues in life, and not back down.

Aggression can be used in a way that can benefit your son and others. It can also be channelled into physical activity that will help your son get in shape, and let him begin to feel good about himself. Enrol your son in a martial art of his choice, or any sport that requires determined participation.

Guiding your son through the emotional storms of adolescence does not have to be a constantly troubling situation. Instead, use the signs of emotional change that your son shows to learn more about him and where he is at. With your support, he will grow to be a stable and solid young man.

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