More Baby Skin Care Tips

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It might surprise you to know that many of the baby skin care products on the market contain ingredients that can cause skin irritations and other allergies.

Many manufacturers of baby care products are unfortunately focused first and foremost on their profits and they know that packaging and marketing are what sells their products more than anything else.

For this reason they will add fragrances and colorants to enhance the look and smell of the product in the hope to boost sales. Unfortunately it is these very same colors and fragrances that can play havoc with your child’s comfort and health.

Having eczema and skin irritations is a big factor in why many babies are unsettled and cry a lot. If you believe that the products you are using are causing this then stop using them and see if there are any improvements in your baby’s skin condition.

Look at the ingredients on the packs and see if they have included any chemicals or colors that could be causing the problems. This is one very good reason to recommend all natural products for baby skin care as there is less chance of irritation or problems caused where fragrances can affect breathing and asthma type symptoms.

Once again even if you do decide to use natural products be sure to check the ingredients before buying as many of the companies that market these ‘so called natural products’ use additional ingredients to make their products more ‘marketable’

You can always make your own products as that will be one surefire way to know exactly what is going into them however you’re probably already coping with a shortage of time and energy so for most people that won’t be a viable option.

Take your time in selecting baby products and always be on the lookout for any signs that they could be affecting your child. If in doubt make changes and discuss these matters with other parents to see if they have noticed similar problems.

Also; be wary that residue that is left on garments and bedding from cleaning products can also cause skin irritations. Make sure after washing that you remove all traces of washing powder and detergents from the garments.

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