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Speaking A Language And Learning French

French for native English speakers is a lot different if you try to look at it from all sides. You may learn everything about the French language especially the primary rules that are used but there are times when you just can’t seem to retrieve all the grammar and language rules immediately and what just comes out of your mouth is the intuition that tells you to use the words that you are capable of saying.

Likewise, when you think about it, each time you speak, you really don’t take time to think about the general rules and the application of the language and yet you are still able to say what you want to say. You are also still able to express your opinions and feelings. This ability is due to our language intuition. It is what makes us recognize a language no matter how fast it is said or how quickly we read it.

Usually, most people would think about what they need to remember at all times so they’d be able to say what they want to say correctly. Yes, it is inevitable to learn the grammar rules especially if you are new to the language. But most likely, when you are on you’re own and you find yourself sitting outside a café in one of the streets of Paris, sipping latte and talking to a French friend, you’d realize that what you say in French didn’t have to count on whether you’re able to review the grammar lessons in your head or not but as long as you can converse with your French friend then that is fine.

Of course, at times, you will still have doubts to how you release a sentence verbally or clerically. It happens and this is when your grammatical knowledge becomes useful. If you think you need more help in how to be understood while speaking French, read a lot of French material.

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