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Wedding Invitation Wording

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One of the big stumbling blocks that many people seem to have when they are planning their wedding is the wording that they should put in the wedding invitations.

The simple solution is to always put in your wedding invitation words that you would use when talking to the people you are inviting even if you anticipate having a completely formal wedding.

You are after all inviting your close friends and family and there is nothing better than a personal touch that actually emphasizes your personality when inviting them to your special occasion.

Put words in your invitation that you would like to have sent to you. Words that would make you feel special about being invited to somebody else’s wedding.

Keep it light free and happy and make people feel as excited about your wedding day as you are.

Discuss it with your partner and bounce ideas off each other – This makes a lot easier than sitting down on your own trying to write up an invitation.

If you’re the sort of person who likes to joke and fool around then add some humor to your invitation and make people laugh and smile when they read it.

There are no set guidelines with any aspect of your wedding and your wedding invitations are no different.

The freedom is yours to do exactly what you like at your wedding and your wedding invitations should emphasize that fact to everyone who is coming.

Once you have prepared the wording for your invitations let them sit for a while and go back to them after a week or two to see whether you still happy with the final outcome.

Often a reread can make you change your mind where you might consider other things to be more appropriate.

By getting everything done well ahead of time you have more opportunity to make changes before the deadline to send them out.

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