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How To Make A Hamster Climbing Frame

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If you are the doting owner of one or more hamsters, you know that they like to have fun. No one likes to see their pets get bored, so it’s advised to keep a variety of toys on hand for them to use.

As most hamsters are caged in a fairly small box for most of their lives, it is important that you provide them with a way to exercise. By making your hamster a climbing frame, you will provide him (her) with a source of exercise and fun, which will help keep him healthy and happy. Here’s how to do it.

Create a Design

Take into consideration the exact size of your small pet, and the size of his cage. Depending on how many toys are already in your hamster’s cage, you will likely have a particular amount of room you can use. You can also keep the climbing frame outside the cage and designate it for special, supervised playtimes, but this will not allow your hamster to explore as freely as he could if it is in his cage and easily accessed at all times.

Think about how many levels you would like on the climbing toy, and any special features you will put on it. Draw a crude diagram of any potential climbing frames, and then narrow it down to one and get more detailed with it. Decide what materials you will use, as well as any extras that are needed for putting it together.

Gather Your Supplies

Your supplies will likely be fairly easy to find. If you are thinking about creating a climbing frame out of popsicle sticks, for example, you can find your supplies at the local craft store, and it won’t even cost much. Be sure to pick up pet-safe glue and any other extras.

Build the Climbing Frame

Now that you have your diagram and your supplies, take an hour or two to put your hamster’s new frame together.

A fun frame to build is the popsicle stick hamster playground. Simply lay 8 popsicle sticks side by side and then glue a popsicle stick at each end, running across all the popsicle sticks. This will create the top platform of the play structure.

For the sides, space out about 6 popsicle sticks side by side, leaving empty spaces in between, and glue a popsicle stick at each end, running across all the popsicle sticks. Make two of these and glue them each to one side of the platform. Stand the platform up and then glue one popsicle stick at the bottom of the structure on each empty end. This will stabilize the play structure.

To create a ladder for your hamster to climb from ground level onto the platform, simply cut several popsicle sticks in half, line them up side by side, and glue a popsicle stick on each end running lengthwise. Glue this at a slant running from the ground to the platform. Your hamster climbing frame is now complete.

Hamsters love to be active, and they always enjoy a chance to play. Don’t cheat your hamster out of a great opportunity for exercise and enjoyable movement. Make your tiny pal this climbing frame and you will both get hours of enjoyment out of it, him by playing and you by observing him having fun.

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