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Do’s And Don’ts Of Shoe Shopping

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Some people love shoe shopping, and some hate it. No matter what your take on it is, there are some basic rules that can make or break your experience. Here are the do’s and don’ts that you can follow to make your shoe shopping trip a great success.

Don’t Purchase Shoes for One Outfit

You’ve bought a bold new outfit, and you want a pair of equally dramatic shoes to match it. But think twice before you buy any pair of shoes for only one outfit. There are special occasions where breaking this rule is understandable, but in a normal situation every pair of shoes you buy should go with at least a few outfits in your closet… the more the better.

Resist the Urge to Buy Shoe Clones

We all have a favorite color and style. Most of us can take one glance in our closets, both clothing and shoes, and know what that color and style is. Perhaps you have 30 blue shirts, or far too many tank tops.

Shoes, like all clothing, happen to be something that piles up in multiples as well. Keep this in mind as you shop. If you don’t have a specific reason for shoe shopping, you will probably find yourself gravitating to almost exactly the same pair of shoes over and over. Keep a mental list of the shoes you own, or even take a photo on your smartphone to remind you of what shoes you do not need any more of.

Purchase Shoes in the Afternoon or Evening

In the morning, your feet have hopefully had a good night’s rest and are at their best. This is not a realistic time to shop, because you need your shoes to fit you all day. Do your shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening when your feet are slightly swollen, so that you will not end up with a pair that are too tight when you are actually using them.

Try More Than One Size

When picking out a shoe to try on, don’t insist on trying only the "right" size. If you normally wear a size 9, try a size 9 as well as half a size up and half a size down. There can be variations with different brands, different styles, and even identical shoes. Go with whatever fits you best, size aside.

Quality over Quantity

It is fun to purchase shoes, and it is easy to get carried away. Try to curb any tendencies you may have towards buying shoes for fun, or because they are on sale.

When you buy shoes, look for the best quality within your price range. High quality shoes are an investment in your health, because your foot health affects your life in so many ways. From preventing pain, to maintaining good posture, healthy feet contribute to your quality of life. Maximize this knowledge by putting out the extra money to keep them in tip-top shape.

Shoe shopping is both loved and hated by many. It would do every individual a world of good to know the basic rules of shoe shopping and adhere to them. Put these tips into practice and enjoy your next shoe shopping trip.

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