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What’s In A Cigarette

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Most people are surprised when they first learn that there are over four thousand different chemicals in a cigarette.

Many of these chemicals have been directly linked to causing cancer.

Within the four major manufacturers of cigarettes there is considerable research to deliver a product that serves the purpose of tasting and smelling good to the consumer and more importantly having sufficient of the necessary ingredients to remain addictive.

As that addiction comes primarily from the nicotine the manufacturers do all they can to ensure that the smoker’s brain gets the biggest dose of nicotine possible.

Would you believe that they use ammonia in the filters of their cigarettes as this allows more nicotine to pass through the filter and the more nicotine that can pass through the more addictive the cigarette will be?

The odds are stacked against the smoker when they gamble with their health by puffing on a cigarette and that is precisely what the manufacturers are aiming for and by all accounts winning.

Their marketing is all targeted at getting people to start smoking because they know that once a person starts they are likely to become addicted and have difficulty stopping.

In addition to the chemicals that the cigarette manufacturers add to their products the tobacco has already been exposed to numerous insecticides and pesticides that will in some quantities find their way into the body of the smoker.

These are things that most smokers will never consider when they are having a smoke and the majority would never have believed that such lengths have been taken to ensure the addiction is sufficient to create a customer for life for something that will in many cases eventually take their life.

How do you feel about the fact that someone else has this sort of control over your life? It’s enough to make anyone want to stop smoking isn’t it?

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