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The Reasons Why People Smoke

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There are many different reasons why people start smoking initially but more often than not it is because of the image that is created in their minds through the use of the clever advertising campaigns of the tobacco companies.

Most people get started smoking with their first cigarettes from older friends or family. Part of the reason they smoke is to be a part of the crowd that they admire or people they aspire to emulate.

It is about image more than anything else as most people would agree that the first cigarette is certainly not pleasant. If food tasted that bad we would surely never eat it again.

The majority of people find that smoking tastes bad and makes them feel bad and it is only after they get accustomed to the taste that those feelings disappear. By that time they can’t give up due to their smoking addiction and a new problem presents itself.

Statistics also show that the majority of people who smoke wished they had never started and if they could wind back the clock they would certainly never do so again.

It is only the addictive nature of tobacco that makes so many people continue to smoke long after they realize the way it is affecting their health and encroaching on their lifestyle.

Throughout history the tobacco companies have marketed their products well and the images of Hollywood stars and musicians smoking have had an influence on people’s decisions to start smoking.

If something is seen to be cool or fashionable then there will be many people who will do it simply to be accepted by their peers.

Fortunately as more and more people see the dangers that smoking brings with it to their health and longevity it is becoming a more unacceptable practice and not seen as fashionable in many areas of society.

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