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Smoking Vitamin Supplements

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The chemicals that are in the smoke you inhale from cigarettes attack various vitamins to the extent that they cause the problems that are associated with smoking such as lung cancer.

Vitamin A in particular is one of the vitamins that are destroyed by cigarette smoke and studies have shown that people who have reduced levels of vitamin A are more susceptible to lung cancer.

Similar studies have also shown that increasing the dosage of Vitamin A in people who had been smoking for years increased their chance of survival by repairing some of the damage that the smoking had done.

Vitamin C is another vitamin that helps to block the cancer causing substances from cigarettes but it is not sufficient to take high levels of vitamins A and C to counter the effects of smoking. The damage that smoking does is far greater than any vitamin supplementation can counter but it certainly does help to slow the rate of decline in health.

When you quit smoking it is a good decision to include additional supplementation of vitamins in moderate amounts to help increase the rate of repair to your lungs and other organs of the body.

It is difficult for most people to maintain a balanced diet and supplementation helps to restore some of the balance. Due to the damage that smoking will have done these supplements are necessary to restore health.

Fortunately with cessation of smoking you will have the extra funds available to pay for the supplements.

Antioxidants will help to restore some of the levels of health that were experienced prior to smoking as they have properties that prevent the cancer causing problems brought about by nicotine.

There are many different products available through health stores such as Green tea, grape seed extract and so on offering reasonable levels of antioxidants that are well worth considering.

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