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Setting Performance Goals For Success

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Everyone needs improvement in every aspect all life. People will be in the constant process of undertaking major changes to improve our life structures in an attempt to survive in a changing and competitive environment.

Most people would like to know how they are performing, whether they are improving in their performance or not. They want to know if they are doing any mistakes and how they should rectify them. Members of organizations should receive periodic performance evaluation so that they will know if their efforts are satisfactory for those superior to them.

You can be able to develop an efficient system that will measure your performance level in your organization.

Performance consists of effectiveness and efficiency with efficiency being the ability to choose appropriate goals and achieve them.

Most managers believe that the only factor that holds back the growth of a company is the ability to hire a good working staff. But hiring them is only the first part. Sometimes you can begin a job with fervor and slowly the burning desire to work dies down.

Setting performance goal is an objective oriented, formal and participative planning and review process for staff empowerment. It is a chance given by an organization for its members to perform better in an open and constructive environment which will improve the entire company altogether.

Setting performance goal across the entire organization will help staff on seeing their work goals and objectives clearly. The measurement of their achievement over a period of time and the identification of their professional improvement are also given value. Setting performance goals will remind organizations to review the staff’s progress on the overall goals and plans of the organization.

Setting performance goal provides impact on the action area of supervision among managers, evaluation and planned individual development, further professional development, and career path taking for all the other members. Together with the house rules of the organization, setting performance goals also helps in the development of the behavior and attitudes of the staff members towards work and each other. Staff development on responsibility, honesty and loyalty, accountability and altruistic vision is given proper time and attention.

The achievement of performance goals also provide a good and solid foundation for their career success as individuals. So there is the need for them to bring about their inner motivation in the work area.

Performance checking on a departmental level is based on measures of performance such as productivity, output, customer satisfaction and human resources concerns such as tardiness and absenteeism. Team-based goal setting, on the other hand, is concerned with the objectives for development for a group of employee working together for a specific goal. Lastly, individual goal setting focuses on employee performance qualitatively and/or quantitatively.

Steps in setting performance goal include the following:

– goal setting for the following year

– goals and outcomes review

– recap of past performance

– open discussion and recommendations regarding development area and career direction

– among others.

The results of each performance goals should be written down and recorded. This will allow the individuals in the organization to follow up by working on those functions and activities that need improvement.

Setting performance goals help clear up any misunderstandings about job content that will arise. This is also very helpful in the work area.

Effective implementation of performance goals is a complicated task that involves organizational culture, effective goal setting, leadership, merits for good performance, performance assessment, evaluation and training.

However, setting performance goals will enable each member of the staff to understand their true value to the company which will increase their ability to add more of their contribution to the success of the organization.

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