When To Wean Your Baby

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Generally you will begin weaning your baby onto solid foods at around 6 months of age. At this stage of most babies’ development they would have doubled in bodyweight and they will be ready for the transition to solids.

In order to assist the baby with this transition their mouth will begin to change making it easier to cope with solid foods.

Up until this time the digestive system has only had to cope with the consumption of breast milk or baby formula so the process of moving towards solids needs to be a gradual one.
It is important however that you start introducing solids at this time as delaying the transition too long can hinder the baby’s ability to swallow solid food initially.

In the early stages of your baby’s development the breast milk or formula is sufficient for good nutrition and this balanced nutrition needs to be maintained when on solids so a variety of foods will assist in maintaining healthy nutritional requirements.

Along with the transition to solid foods comes additional expense in the form of bowls spoons and other utensils that are required for feeding the baby.

One thing that will make life a lot easier for you is if you have a food processor where you can blend of food to a consistency that is more easily digested by your baby.

Fortunately the price of food processors is relatively inexpensive these days and particularly if you buy them from any of the online appliance stores.

You will also be able to buy most of the products that you need for feeding your baby from the online baby stores at prices that are generally cheaper than you would find at your local stores.

One of the best solid foods to start your baby on is baby rice simply because is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction and can be readily mixed with other foods such as vegetables, fruit and potatoes which will blend nicely together and be easy to swallow.

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