The First Steps

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Initially a baby will get around using various different techniques of crawling wriggling and creeping along the tummy before it takes its first steps.

Parents get particularly excited when the child takes its first steps no matter how shaky they might be.

There is usually a lot of encouragement by the parents of a child take their first steps as it is another progression that we all anticipate and look forward to by getting to the next stage in the child’s life as soon as possible.

As with talking, potty training, sleeping and anything else the baby does, the first steps will come at varying different times from one child to another and it certainly doesn’t mean that one child is more advanced than the other because they start walking sooner.

As your child will still be fairly unstable on its feet for quite a while after beginning to walk, you need to take this into account and anticipate the fact that it will fall often. When they do fall you want to be prepared that they won’t get injured and one step to reducing injury is to make sure there aren’t any sharp corners on coffee tables or other pieces of furniture that could cause damage if it were to hit its head while falling over.

A whole lot of new concerns present themselves when the child’s mobility increases as they can get from one spot of the house to another in considerably less time and they can get in dangerous situations a lot faster.

Extra attention needs to be paid to where they are and what they are doing at all times.

Childproof locks will probably need to be installed on various different cabinets or doors of the house to stop the child from getting into places where there could be danger.

It does also open up other alternatives of enjoyment where you can take your child for a walk albeit for small distances until they become more adept at walking.

Be sure to take your buggy with you if you go for a walk because young children can get tired relatively easily and it is considerably easier to push a buggy than to carry your child home.

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