Administering Medications

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Whenever your child needs medication you need to be careful that you only give the precise dose as recommended by your doctor.

While adults and older children might be able to get away with doses that are ‘close enough’ this is very risky for a baby.

Being so much smaller you need to be aware that even a small variance in the dose can have a dramatic effect on the results.

Make sure that you always use the measuring device that comes with any medication and if one isn’t supplied make sure that you buy an accurate measure that you can rely on.

Don’t give doses based on a teaspoon as the size of teaspoons can vary and along with that there is the possibility that you will be giving your child more medication than is necessary or worse still you could be giving doses that could be more detrimental to their health rather than solving a problem.

You should also never make your own judgment on the amount of medication that your child needs without first consulting your medical practitioner as this can endanger your child’s health without you realizing it.

Natural health remedies are often very potent and the fact that they are natural doesn’t make them 100% safe for your child so once again always seek professional advice even when using natural products.

Some natural products can even be toxic to a small baby and can do a lot of harm. Unfortunately there are far too many people who don’t have the necessary knowledge to give you the best advice when selling these ‘natural’ products and more often than not they are doing harm without knowing it.

In the early stages of your baby’s development it is best to rely on trusted medical practitioners as a baby can get to a critical stage of sickness very rapidly and it isn’t worth the risk using medication that could have a negative affect on health.

Even small changes in your baby’s weight will have a big affect on the amount of medication your medical profession will prescribe.

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