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Should You Learn Italian

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Should you learn Italian? The answer is yes. Now everyone will have a different reason for doing so but which of these reasons below is yours?

1. Some people who came to America came to Italy. If you want to know more about your family history, part of includes speaking in their native tongue. This will make it easy for you to talk with your great grandparents, cousins and other relatives who are still living there today.

2. Another reason which may sound funny is to understand what Luciano Pavarotti says when he sings. Of course there are other Italian singers and if you love the opera so much, then isn’t it worth learning?

3. If you happen to watch Italian movies, knowing what the actors are saying will make it easier for you to understand what is happening rather than relying on the subtitles.

4. For those who are traveling to Italy or certain parts of Europe, knowing the language will allow you to interact with the locals. This will enable you to talk with the locals, ask for directions, buy souvenirs and a host of other things when you are there on vacation.

5. Learning Italian will be useful at home should you decide to walk into an authentic Italian restaurant who’s owner and staff are probably Italian themselves.

6. If your work involves speaking with clients that happen to come from Italy, you won’t have a hard time talking to them about their needs. This will also help you negotiate with them so an agreement can be reached and contracts can be signed.

Since your employer will take notice of this, you might even be tasked to travel abroad or even relocate there if needed.

7. You may also find Italian useful if you are doing research. You have to remember that not every book or study is published in English so knowing the language will enable you to understand the material and converse with fellow students and researchers in the field.

8. Italian believe it or not is one of the easiest languages to learn. If you are required to finish a language elective in school, learn it.

9. The same goes if you plan to study in Italy or maybe in France for college. Again, not all schools teach their students in English so you have to be prepared.

10. Though a lot of speak Italian, there are more who don’t. If you don’t want people around to hear what you are saying, speak in Italian making it your own form of secret communication.

11. Learning another language allows you to learn about others as well as yourself. This will also let you have more friends which you can visit if you decide to travel to that part of the world.

12. Lastly, simply because learning a new language is a way to challenge yourself.

There are many reasons why you should learn Italian and which one of these happens to be yours? It doesn’t matter if it is as trivial as ordering food in the restaurant or learning the meaning of the song. What is important is your willingness to get out off your comfort zone and learn something other than English even if it is spoken by a lot of people.

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