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Learn How To Speak Italian For Your Italian Getaway

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For your trip to gorgeous Italy, it helps if you can speak the language as you go around the beautiful streets and take in the sights of this marvelous country. Italy’s official language is Italian but there are many other local dialects from the different regions of the country. Any local will be able to distinguish between a Pisan and a Roman just by their accent. But all citizens of the country can speak Italian which is why it’s convenient for tourists to learn how to speak Italian even if it means just learning a few phrases.

Learning the Language

Italy is a tourist hotspot and tourism is a major industry of the country. Italians are used to tourists and they welcome them with open arms. Any traveler will find it quite easy to navigate through the major cities of Italy as most of the people can speak a few and basic English phrases but if your trip to Italy takes you to the smaller cities and regions, not many know how to speak English, which is why learning a few phrases can be handy. Plus, learning the language is also a great way to get into the Italian culture and get the full blown Italian experience.

Even more so is the fact that learning just a few phrases can get you plus points with the natives who will appreciate your gesture and you effort. By learning a few Italian phrases, you’re trying to connect with the locals and look very much like an educated tourist.

Talking the Language

When it comes to speaking Italian, pronunciation is very important to be easily understood and any amount of effort to do so will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

Easily enough, Italian pronunciation is simple. All that is required is to speak each consonant and vowel clearly. Italians tend to talk fast but with a light tongue. And like learning any language, practice make perfect. Remember, it’s the effort that counts so it’s alright to make mistakes.

Here are a few basic phrases that you can use as you go around Italy:

• Arrivederci- Goodbye
• Bene- Well or good
• Buon giorno! – Good day
• Buona sera! – Good afternoon or evening
• Sto bene – I am well
• Dov’è…? – Where is…
• Per favore – Please
• Grazie! – Thanks!
• Male – Bad
• Mi scusi – Excuse me
• No – No
• Si – Yes
• Prego – You’re welcome
• Quanto e’ – How much is…

Almost Like English

As you learn how to speak Italian or at least learn some basic Italian phrases, you will come to realize that it does sound almost like English. Just like Italian, English is a Germanic language and because of this there are many words that are shared between the English and the Italian languages. Although some words are pronounced the same in both languages there are those that are pronounced differently.

As you listen and read through the Italian language, it’s always important to learn and be observant of how every word is pronounced. You will notice as you listen in to conversations in Italian that most of these words you already know about.

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