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Getting Help From Others

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As part of your wedding plan you need to consider your financial position and whether you can afford the particular wedding that you anticipate having.

If other people are helping with the finances such as your parents you also need to consider what they can afford and whether it will create undue stress on their finances.

It is possible to have a very happy and memorable wedding without over extending your finances but you might need to change your plans accordingly to do so.

You and your partner need to discuss all aspects of the wedding and the costs involved and then consider the amount of money that you have available to cover these costs.

By over extending on the wedding itself you could be reducing the opportunity to have a more expensive and pleasurable honeymoon and this needs to be taken into account to determine which of these two choices are the most important to you and your partner rather than what you believe is important to everybody else.

Create a list of wants and needs and then work out the cost of these so you can prioritize which of them are essential to ensure that you have the wedding of your dreams.

By taking the time to get costs and compare them from various different places, including everything from the wedding venue to minor expenses such as hiring suits, buying flowers, buying the wedding cake and so on you can save yourself a considerable amount of money that can be spent on other things that are equally important.

You also need to consider that quite often expenditure runs a little higher than anticipated as last-minute changes or additional expenses can occur.

If other people offer help in any way provided it doesn’t encroach on your wedding plans it is well worth accepting this help to reduce any financial or other stress before the day.

You will often find that family and friends are only too willing to help as people like to get involved in other people’s happy occasions. Once again remember that you are in control and only accept help that will be beneficial to you.

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