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Pictures To Document For A Scrapbook

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Do you want to create a scrapbook? If so, you may be wondering which pictures you should use. For starters, know that you can use any picture you want. That is what is nice about scrapbooking; you are in charge. With that said, there are some special moments and photographs that you should highlight in a scrapbook. As for what they are, it will depend on your theme.

Scrapbook Theme: Baby’s First Year

If you are creating a scrapbook of your child’s first year, the theme can be firsts. In this aspect, you should highlight your child’s first words, first steps, first tooth, first bath, and first holidays.

Many new parents and scrapbookers make the mistake of believing that some firsts, like a first step or first word, are too hard to document. They aren’t. For your baby’s first word, take a picture of he or she immediately following the big reveal. You can decorate the page with their first word, such as “mama,” or “dada.”

Scrapbook Theme: Child’s Time at School

In addition to documenting a baby’s first year, some parents create scrapbooks of their child’s years at school. Photographs of their first day of school or photos of special school events, such as a sports game or band concert, look great in a scrapbook.

In addition to using pictures for your child’s school scrapbook, incorporate other mementos. You can scan and then print pictures your child painted or drew. You can also do the same with school awards and report cards.

Scrapbook Theme: Graduation

A high school graduation is the turning point in the life of a teenager. In many ways, this is the transition into adulthood. Since it is a milestone moment, it is one that can and should be documented.

When creating a scrapbook of your child’s high school graduation, include pictures of their graduation ceremony. Pictures of your child walking down the aisle, standing to receive their diploma, or the tossing of caps are all picture perfect moments. If hosting a graduation party, take pictures of your new graduate with their friends and family.

Scrapbook Theme: Wedding

Whether you want to create a scrapbook of your own wedding or a wedding of a friend or relative to give as a gift, there will be a thousand of great moments for you to document. Candid shots, where the bride and groom do not realize anyone is watching, are beautiful.

As for staged pictures, first focus on the wedding ceremony. Pictures can include the bridal party at the church, the couple walking down the aisle, and the couple’s first kiss. Reception pictures can also be added. These pictures can include the couple’s first dance and the cutting of the cake. The reception is the best place for candid shots.

Scrapbook Theme: Anniversaries

Whether you want to document your own wedding anniversaries or those of a close relative, you have a number of different pictures to choose from. If you have pictures from the anniversary celebrations throughout the years, use them. If not, highlight special moments, such as a family vacation, wedding ceremony, renewal ceremony, first home, and so forth.

As a recap, all pictures look great in a homemade scrapbook, but developing and sticking to your scrapbook’s main theme is recommended. This results in a quality, easy to follow album.

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