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Vitamin Dogs For A Better Life

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If there is a new vitamin that would help us live longer, cure our anxiety, and lessen our chance of having heart ailments, for sure everyone would want it.

But there is such a vitamin, it is called vitamin P, and the P stands for puppies.

We all know that exercises such as yoga and meditation offer a lot of major health benefits and basically reduces a person’s stress levels. But did you know that having a dog around as a companion imposes the same benefit?

There were already a number of studies showing how that having a dog actually provides social support and stress relief. In fact, a dog’s companionship is a lot better compared to our friends or even with our family. A recent study showed that owning a dog can help reduce adrenaline and cortisol (hormones that are accompanied with stress). Having a dog around the house also improves one’s immune system and pain management.

Here are some more benefits your furry friend can provide:

· Dogs can easily enhance your mood. It will only take a few minutes of petting until you notice you are now having fun when just a while ago you were filled with all anxiety in the world. Reducing anxiety also means saving your body from the wear and tear of life.

· Having a dog can help you manage your blood pressure levels. In a study, persons who have dogs have lower blood pressure levels during rest than those who don’t have dogs. What more when they are having a walk or running? One study also showed that children who undergo hypertension have lowered their heart rate while petting with a dog.

· A dog’s long term benefit is really for the protection of the heart. A study in the American National Institute of health showed that people who own dogs have a 35% lesser chance of having a heart attack than those who don’t. This shows that having a dog in the house is not just for the petting and playing, it is even good for your future health.

· Patients who have visits from a therapy dog recover faster from an illness or stroke. Petting and cuddling with a dog helps patients rebuild strength at a fast rate while feeling calm and loved. This is due to the fact that they are just visited by therapy dogs, how much more if they are with them 24 hours a day?

· Dogs are also good in helping a person fight depression. No one can love you like how a dog does. The unconditional love they offer, the presence they provide, and the attention they are willing to give are just some of the many reasons why a dog is really man’s best friend.

If you really love dogs, it is just hard for you to stay in a bad mood when you notice your furry friend rushing towards you to play and cuddle. Even by just looking in her lovely eyes, all your worries and problems are suddenly forgotten.

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