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Got Acid Reflux? Take The Control Back With These Ideas

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Knowing the right thing to do can go a long way in reducing and controlling your acid reflux symptoms. Thankfully there are plenty of natural solutions that can help curb the acid reflux symptoms, along with lots of other good remedies. You just need more knowledge on the matter. Continue reading to learn more on managing acid reflux.

In some instances, acid reflux attacks can feel like a heart attack. Extreme pains in the chest should never be ignored. It could be a heart attack. You should consider going to the ER or calling your doctor for advice. Misdiagnosis would be horrible, and you don’t want any serious health issues.

Stay away from pants that are too restrictive. Tight fitting pants, belts and pantyhose can really make you feel worse. Wearing these tight pieces of clothing can cause some unnecessary stomach pressure. Tight clothes could be responsible for acid reflux. Always wear garments you find comfortable and which let your midsection breathe.

Losing weight can decrease your acid reflux symptoms. Obesity is a main cause of acid reflux. Lose just 10% of your weight to reduce your symptoms. Adopt a healthy diet that includes reasonable quantities of many different foods instead of going on a crash diet.

Try and do some sort of activity in which you are upright, like walking. Such exercise helps with acid reflux for a number of reasons. Digestion is also improved significantly. Walking and other moderate exercise also encourages weight loss, which will greatly improve acid reflux. While moderate exercise is vital, avoid intense exercise since it can worsen reflux.

If you are a pregnant, there is a chance that the weight of the baby is pushing against your stomach and causing your acid reflux to form. If this is your case, meet with your doctor to find out what you can do about this situation.

Slippery elm lozenges are optimal to help with your acid reflux. Slippery elm bark, the main ingredient in these natural lozenges, coats your digestive tract in a protective layer. This treatment will also soothe your irritated throat and make your coughing disappear if you often cough when experiencing acid reflux. Health food stores are the most likely place to find slippery elm lozenges.

Are you aware that a food’s tendency to be acidic or alkaline actually has no bearing on its relative pH? Foods you might think are acidic could be more alkaline after you digest them. This sounds confusing if you are an acid reflux sufferer. Study food pH to help you understand.

You need to learn how to relax. Eating when stressed out can actually increase heartburn. Relax after your meal by doing deep breathing or meditation exercises. Do not lay down right after you eat, stay upright.

Chewing cinnamon gum following a meal may help with acid reflux. Chewing gum promotes salivation, which neutralizes acid in your stomach. Chewing gum also causes people to swallow more. This helps keep your stomach acid where it belongs, in your stomach.

Do not eat during the three hours before hitting the sheets. For example, if your bedtime is 10 PM., you should eat the last meal by no later than 7 PM. Do this because if you lie down with your stomach filled with food it puts added pressure on the LES muscle. This will cause more acid reflux episodes.

If you suffer from acid reflux then you understand how difficult it can be to eat foods such as pizza and spaghetti. Adding sugar to tomato sauces may help mitigate the negative affects. The sauce will be sweeter, making it easier to consume.

Try not to be reclined for two or so hours following meals if you want to avoid reflux flares. When you stand or sit up, gravity will help to keep acid reflux at bay. What you ate and how your system works determines how long you need to wait before you can recline.

To reduce the chance of acid reflux, avoid drinking beverages while eating. Drinking while consuming a meal causes your stomach to stretch. This adds pressure to the esophageal sphincter, raising the danger of reflux. Be sure to drink a glass of water between meals and drink very little with meals.

Limit your drinks during meals. Liquids add to the food you digest, which can cause stomach distension. A full stomach means more pressure than your esophageal sphincter can handle. The purpose of this muscle is to keep your food in your stomach where it belongs.

Smoothies can help with acid reflux. Mix water, spinach, romaine lettuce, lemon juice, celery, one banana, one pear and one apple in your blender. This will help relieve your acid reflux occurring through your esophageal splinter. This mixture is also a good way to reduce stomach acid.

Do you think that you are now able to control your acid reflux? We hope that the ideas presented here have instilled confidence in you. No longer will you have to suffer at the hands of this problem if you make sure that you take control now.

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