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Stress And Beauty

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What do most people do when they are stressed? They frown. And when you frown a lot and for a long time those frown lines and the associated wrinkles on your brow become permanent fixtures on your face and the wrinkles make you look older.

Have you ever noticed how people with very little stress in their life look a lot younger than others of the same age?

It is not only the effect that the stress has on the lines of your face but also the way that it affects your health as a whole and that can age you considerably.

Stress can deplete you of nutrients in the body and this will have a negative affect on your skin, nails and hair.

Hair can start thinning in times of stress and fall out and often the hair loss becomes permanent. With a change in your chemical makeup due to the stress your hair can suddenly turn gray too.

Nails can become brittle and lose their condition.

Skin can become dry, flaky and other skin irritations and problems can occur, some of them causing permanent damage to the skin.

Blood pressure can rise and diets can change due to the increased need to boost energy levels. Often the choices of these energy boosters are not the best and energizing drinks or high carbohydrate foods are chosen for an instant lift. These soon turn into a weight problem where the percentage of fat in the body increases and the metabolism slows down.

If things continue along this path diabetes is something that will be an issue.

That is just a quick summary of some of the things that stress can cause to happen and it becomes very clear when reading that why stress is detrimental for anyone trying to look and stay young.

One problem quickly leads to another and before long there are more problems to contend with that increase the stress levels even more.

To stay young you need to lead a stress free life and when there is no way to avoid stress you need ways to cope with it so it has the least impact on your life.

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