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Tips On Goal Setting

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Setting Goal is like painting the tracks towards your desired destination. Without goals, you will get lost in the jungle of life. Although you may reach your destination, the means of reaching it might not be within the standard of your morals.

In order to reach your goals guilt free and swiftly, consider the following tips when setting goals.

1. Remember that every person has goals

Similar to the dissemination of information in a company, you may need to have some form of communication to relate your goals to those people who are directly affected by these goals that you have set.

Remember that everyone have goals of their own. So it is important that those closest to you be informed of any goal which you perceive can have a direct effect on them.

2. Start from top to bottom

When setting a goal, start from the top to bottom and not the other way around. Remember to have a foresight, to know what you really want in life.

Start from there, then work your way down. Start from the most important aspect to the least important aspect of your life.

3. Define areas of division

To avoid getting too overwhelmed with the goals that you have set, learn to divide the areas of interest.

From there, identify and set important goals. Again, implement this rule of thumb, "set from top to bottom."

By defining areas of importance, you may open your eyes to new possibilities that you have never seen before. You would realize that these areas are intertwined and setting goals in one area would have an effect to the other areas or would entail sacrifices from you.

6. Set benchmarks for your goals

Before you could even measure your goals, you have to first set reasonable benchmarks.

You would use these benchmarks to measure whether you have achieved your goals or not. These benchmarks can usually be expressed in quantitative terms.

7. Know when to stop

What are the signs that your goal is going on the wrong track? When it is time to bid goodbye to a goal and walk away? Consider the following:

– You are losing money than you have to

You tried gauging the monetary equivalent of a goal. You found out that you are spending way too much just to get the target. What should you do? Walk away and set more attainable goals.

You can go back to this expensive goal if, and only if, you’ve re-mapped your goal plan, studied every pros and cons for pursuing it, and raising enough money to actually attain in.

– You have spent too much time and effort to reach it

If your goal has been taking all your time, away from yourself and loved ones, walk away from it. You have other important goals to attend to.

– More and more of your loved ones are begging you to let it go

If you’re a family man and your wife and kids are begging you to let go of your goal, learn to halt. Don’t think that halting is like giving up. You have just learnt to know of your priorities.

You can start pursuing for your goals again after you’ve studied and learnt to manage your time and resources.

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