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7 Sure-fire Ways To Stay Motivated

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From time to time, everyone gets a little down on motivation. As a web entrepreneur you really do need a reliable trigger to enable yourself to keep going, particularly when you’re first starting out and things aren’t happening so quickly. Different things work for different people, and some may even find a combination of these to be most effective. Below are some ways to stay motivated:

1. Your Past Accomplishments
You’ve already achieved great things in your life so far. Remember what it was like to come out the other side, how good it felt and what challenges you were able to overcome. Look back on your previous work to find a little of yourself you may have lost and find a way to re-inject it into what you’re working on now. You’ve done it before – you can do it again.

2. Your Past Failures
Failure is rarely pleasant for the majority of people, but it always offers a unique learning experience. Put some of those lessons into practice when you go about your next attempt at something. Prove to yourself that you can do better, and let failure be the kick in the pants that drives you to greater heights than you had previously imagined.

3. Watch Others Succeed
It is often very uplifting to look at others who are attempting similar things to you and having success. Look at what they’re doing and what you’re not, and let their success prove that what you’re trying to achieve is really possible. And if they can do it, so can you.

4. Things You Want

While it’s not always reliable, thinking about what physical possessions success will eventually allow you to have can be a powerful motivator – particularly when used in a visual way. Don’t rely on it too heavily though as it can lead you to focus on achieving success for the wrong reasons and if you have a setback your first response will be in the vain of "now I can’t have that". Hence, focusing on what you should be getting, rather than what you should be becoming.

5. Imagine It Done
Have you ever looked at a large mess in the kitchen and thought "well, I know it won’t be pleasant but I’ll feel better when it’s done" and used that as your motivation to clean it up? Focusing on the end result can also work for getting through many other unpleasant activities, as well as others you often struggle to get started with.

6. Follow a Daily Mantra
Write your own set of personal rules that you can read and stick to each day. This should not be too specific like "today I will take out the trash, today I will go to the store and pick up the groceries at approximately two o’clock" but should be more along the lines of "today I will achieve all I can, today I will not be bothered by outside influence, today I will make more time for me" and so on.

7. Take Time to Escape
There are many ways in which you can choose to simply get away from it all. You can travel to someplace new, watch a movie, read a book, listen to some music or even take a nap. When you come back you’ll feel recharged and ready to tackle whatever you need to get done.

In conclusion, staying motivated can be difficult, but not impossible. Use one or all of the above tips to help you stay motivated.

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