Men To Avoid Dating

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I’ve seen it over and over with a few of my friends, they always date the wrong type of guys. Sometimes the guys are fine they just aren’t compatible with my friend, but other times the guy is a nightmare and I can’t believe my friend would even get involved with him. When it comes time for you to decide which men to avoid dating, you need to stop and think.

One of the biggest reasons, in my experience, that women date the wrong types of guys is this: the women are insecure about themselves and are just looking for anyone to "love" them.

Unfortunately, many guys who are also insecure about themselves look for these type of women so they can control them. That makes the guy feel like he is in control and like he is powerful.

That is a bad combination. So when you are trying to decide which men to avoid dating, you may want to actually focus more on you than on the guy.

Take some time to work on any self esteem issues you have before you start dating. The more comfortable and confidant you are about yourself, the less likely you will be to put up with any inappropriate behavior from the guy in your life. This is the most important step and I hope you pay attention.

Here are some other warning signs that your Mr. Right, may not be so right after all:

1. while it is true that most of us are on our best behavior when we first meet someone, if the guy you just started dating isn’t a very nice person there will probably be signs fairly early on.

For example, my sister works in a jewelry store and a woman who she used to work with came in with her boyfriend to get her engagement ring repaired. When my sister was writing up the ticket for the repair she did what she was trained to do – she put the ring on her little finger so it was in plain view of the customer.

The boyfriend went off on my sister and started swearing at her and told her to take the ring off her finger, that by putting it on her little finger she was being disrespectful to his girlfriend.

Now, personally, I think that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, but even if you agree it is totally inappropriate for him to start yelling and swearing at a complete stranger, he could have just asked nicely.

The point to all this is simply that the guy has obvious anger issues and if he will yell and swear at a complete stranger how will he treat his girlfriend in the privacy of their own home? You know it’s not going to be good.

The signs are there if you are willing to look and acknowledge them. If not, you have no one but yourself to blame if you end up with an abusive boyfriend or husband. Few people change that dramatically, more than likely you just weren’t seeing what you didn’t want to see.

You may not be able to know which men to avoid dating until you get to know them a little bit. But, if you are willing to be honest you will see signs very early on that he may not be someone you want to get to know any better.

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