Mature Women Dating Younger Men

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Men have been doing it forever.. .dating much younger women. But now it’s our turn. Today mature women dating younger men is becoming more common and less of a stigma, which I personally think is great. I think all loving relationships are wonderful.

But, if you are not currently dating a younger guy, there are a few things that you want to be aware of. Here are some tips that you should be aware of so you don’t get blindsided:

1. For one thing, you should be very confidant in yourself. Unfortunately, there are negative, judgmental people in this world. And let’s face it, some people who are just plain jealous. These people may take great pleasure in making snarky comments about the fact that you are dating a younger guy.

To ensure that they don’t get to you, make sure you are comfortable and confidant in yourself. This will be your "secret weapon" against the snotty people of the world.

Also, make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin so you don’t start feeling insecure about your self worth. You have to be strong and confidant or you will struggle.

2. One big pitfall is that you may feel the need to give advice to your guy. To a point, this is a normal part of relationships, but you have to be careful that you don’t start sounding like a mom.

Let’s face it, you are older and most likely have more experience in many aspects of life. It can be normal to want to help him out by offering him some or your worldly knowledge, but it can also be a major turnoff.

Even younger guys are ego driven and they may not appreciate it if they think you are (s)mothering them. Make sure you don’t come on too strong when you are giving out advice.

The last thing you want is for your guy to start thinking of you as a mommy.

3. It’s easy to get flattered by the attention and end up being taken advantage of. If you want a real relationship you must guard against this. For example, even though you are older and may be more financially well off, don’t offer to pay all the time.

Most guys would find that off putting anyway (unless they are only in the relationship because they want a sugar momma). Offering to pay occasionally or buying him a gift now and then is fine, but be careful that you don’t subconsciously try to "buy" him.

4. Oder women are often more confidant in themselves and for that reason are better in bed. Many younger guys will try to find an older woman to "teach" them things in bed.

Unless this is all you are looking for with your guy, be very leery of him if he only seems to call late at night or only wants to have sex.

Don’t treat him differently than you would any other guy. If you were dating an older guy and you wouldn’t jump into bed with him until you got to know him, don’t jump into bed with the younger guy either.

I personally think that love between two consenting adults is a beautiful thing, no matter what the age. Finding your soul mate can be tough and I don’t see the point of limiting your search.

So for all you mature women dating younger men I say good for you, I hope you have all the happiness you deserve!

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