Is Rudeness Acceptable In Recession Dating

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Is rudeness acceptable in recession dating? Not unless they aren’t shooting for another date with you. The only thing being rude will serve is to alienate them and make them want to stay as far away from you as possible.

Especially if the rudeness was directed at you, their date.

If someone you know and trust flies off the handle with little to no provocation you might just be setting yourself up to a life of abuse. Abusers don’t always show their hand right away in a relationship, sometimes they sneak up on you.

They may show little signs that they can be abusers like with some rudeness thrown in here and there. Just enough to get your gut trying to tell you something. Everyone has their little "tells".

Is rudeness acceptable in recession dating? Absolutely NOT!

Being rude to others should never be acceptable in any situation. If the recession has had an impact on their financial situation, maybe they shouldn’t be worrying about dating at all until they get their pegs under them a little steadier.

Depending on the type of rudeness and who it is directed at can tell you a lot about your date and how they were raised.

If he takes you to a restaurant and is rude to the wait staff he may have been raised to think that service industry people are beneath him somehow.

I dated someone once who would never look the wait staff in the eye when they took his order. We didn’t date long because I thought that was rude and told him so.

He would also leave the tip by digging all of the change out of his pocket and leaving it on the table, PENNIES INCLUDED! Also rude. He never calculated a tip the whole time we were dating. There was no recession then either.

He would just dump the change on the table and walk away. I always made it right, of course, and left a more substantial tip but he would have just let it go at giving the change and leaving.

Like I said we didn’t date long.

It does not matter what form the rudeness takes if it rears it’s ugly head at any time during the relationship you should question it as soon as you recognize it for what it is.

Maybe he is just having a bad day, that is entirely possible. He could be feeling like he doesn’t want to be dating at the moment and his friends pushed him into going out with you.

Whatever his reasons are he should learn to keep them to himself and he should just break off any relationship he is pursuing at the time because if the woman he is seeing catches wind of his rudeness she may just kick him to the curb.

Just keep you eye out for any signs that he may be abusive like body language and the speech patterns he uses when

Is rudeness acceptable in recession dating? The answer is and always will be a resounding, "NO!"

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