Dating Asian Women Get It Right

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Dating Asian Women -Get It Right

Many men think that they would like to know more about dating Asian women because they perceive Asian women as submissive and easy to please. The truth of the matter is that is only half the picture, and you should get the whole story before you decide if you really want to get involved with Asian women.

For one thing, it’s true that most Asian women are raised to be quiet and ladylike- in public. They don’t tend to speak up or stand their ground, except they will rule with a velvet fist at home. Don’t mistake their natural reluctance for confrontation as submissiveness. You will find that when an Asian woman wants something she has ways of getting what she wants without raising her voice.

Asian women do tend to prefer a man who takes control, as long as he does so with her comfort and needs in mind. They don’t like pushy, bossy, loud men. They like men who are confidant but not pushy, and ultimately a man that will take good care of her and put her needs high on the list. In return, Asian women will take good care of you and your needs. They will work very hard to keep the house clean, prepare good meals, and be a good wife and mother.

When it comes to asking an Asian woman out on a date, just remember that while they like assertive confidant men, they find pushy arrogant loud mouth braggarts to be obnoxious (who doesn’t) and won’t agree to a date. You have to walk a fine line between being confidant and being pushy. If she likes you she will say yes, you don’t have to ‘talk her into it’.

It’s also important to be specific. If you use the vague ‘lets get together sometime’ you won’t get very far. Instead be specific ask her to dinner and state the date, time, location etc. as part of the invitation.

Appearance is very important in the Asian culture. When was the last time you went to the store and saw an Asian woman without her hair done and makeup on? Probably never. Of course, they expect the same of their men. Don’t think that you can attract an Asian woman if you are a slob. That is a huge turn off. It’s also unlikely to get an Asian woman if you are really overweight. They view being overweight as a sign of weakness and tend to not be attracted to big men.

Of course, there are several different countries that make up Asia and they all have their own cultures and traditions. If you really want to meet and get to know Asian women your best bet is to target a specific country and learn a little bit about their traditions, language, and culture before you try to meet a woman.

These simple tips can help smooth over any cross cultural misunderstandings and can help dating Asian women easier and more fulfilling for you. Just remember that ultimately you are dating a person not some culture, so always take the time to get to know her as an individual, you’ll both be happier if you do.

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