Avoid These Mistakes After A Breakup

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Avoid These Mistakes After A Break-Up

A break is difficult to cope with and you find yourself stuck in a twilight zone. You’re just not able to move on with your life and want your ex to come back to you real bad. But the sad thing is, most people end up making critical mistakes right after their break-up that spoil their chances of ever getting their ex back! These are some of the most common mistakes that you need to steer clear of:

Come what may, don’t become abusive or try to hit below the belt when your ex calls it off. Since you’ve been together as man and woman, you probably know each other’s weak points; don’t use this against your ex. Or you won’t be forgiven easily.

No matter how much you’re longing for your ex, don’t show it. Any kind of neediness on your part will only make your ex pull away. Instead, be strong and show him/her that you’re doing just fine. You’ll be surprised how effective this technique is! For more power packed strategies that hit the target each time and every time, check out this website: www.pullyourexback.com.

Don’t try to make your ex jealous. It might send the wrong signal that you’ve moved on, so he/she might do the same! Alternatively, if your ex knows you well enough and sees through your act, imagine how you’ll look in his/her eyes…

If your ex is seeing someone else, don’t show any emotions. And certainly don’t give him/her the satisfaction of seeing you in a jealous rage! If you happen to bump into your ex with the new partner, be cool, not cold! Make minimum conversation and keep it casual. Avoid looking your ex’s partner up and down with contempt!

Avoid letting your ex know what you’re up to or what’s going on in your life. come across as mysterious. This’ll get your ex’s mind ticking like how! He/she will keep wondering what’s happening in your life, have you moved on? Keep your ex curious… Now’s not the time to be an open book…

As a matter of fact, if you have the strength, don’t be in touch with your ex at all! Disappear from the horizon and leave him/her wondering where you are and how you’re doing. With you gone so suddenly, your ex will start thinking about you and might even start missing you.

And the last don’t don’t forget to look after yourself…

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