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Babies should never be left alone in the company of older children as this can be very dangerous to their well-being.

Children are generally unaware of how delicate a young baby is and while their intentions might be good it doesn’t take much for an older child to cause harm to a young baby.

If they were to carry the baby around they risk the chance of dropping it and this can cause injury that can affect the baby for rest of its life.

There are so many dangers that lurk in every household and children don’t have the ability to see these dangers and how they might affect the baby.

Sharp objects, swimming pools, staircases; these are some of the many areas where babies can be endangered if they are in the hands of others who are too young to know better.

Even if the children are family members the baby will need supervision at all times in their presence.

A baby doesn’t have the ability to run away as a pet would do if it was getting manhandled by a child and babies are far more susceptible to injury too.

The more children present the more you will need to watch over their activities and if there is difficulty in doing so then the baby should be moved to another room where other children aren’t allowed access to ensure the baby’s safety.

If you are leaving your baby to be minded by other family members or friends and those people have children of their own then you need to make sure that they are also aware of the fact that your baby needs to be safely cared for by an adult at all times and never left alone in the company of their children no matter how good they might think they can cope.

The percentage of babies that suffer injuries each year in the hands of other children is enough to cause concern for any parent.

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