Immunization And Meningitis

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For the protection of your baby against disease that can prove to be fatal you should talk to your doctor to consider your options.

There are some people who are opposed to immunization of certain diseases as they believe that they are unnecessary but the simple fact of the matter is immunization will not cause your baby any harm and quite possibly it could save it’s life so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Meningitis is one of the most important immunizations that you should consider because it can have fatal consequences in a very short time particularly with a small baby or young child.
Failing to immunize is a risk that most people would never consider taking.

Following the correct procedures is crucial and you should consult with your doctor and make sure that you follow the guidelines that are given to you.

Generally your doctor will prefer that your child is not suffering from any other ailments when getting immunized as this will lessen the chance of having a reaction to the treatment however something as simple as a cold won’t generally delay the immunization.

After the first shot you should check how your child has reacted to the medication and be sure to let your doctor know of anything that you might be concerned about before any booster shots. Some children react to immunizations in a manner that might require a change in plan.

Most children will get a slight fever and this is to be expected but it is something that can usually be controlled well enough with a dose of paracetamol. Once again, only use medication, even paracetamol based on the advice of your doctor and no one else.

The injected area will usually show signs of slight swelling and that is completely normal.

Be diligent in following your instructions and you should have no problems in protecting your child from possible illness.

Meningitis is very contagious and as your child will be in the company of other children there is an increased risk of contracting the illness especially due to the fact that a young child’s immune system hasn’t fully developed.

If your baby seems pale, listless, has a high temperature, a purplish rash or becomes sensitive to light then these are some of the signs that it could be meningitis.
Immediate medical help is essential to ensure that your child remains safe.

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