Bottle Feeding Your Baby

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Whether by necessity or choice you might decide that bottle feeding is best for you and your baby.

If that is the case then here are some tips worth considering ensuring that your baby’s health is always well cared for.

Naturally when feeding your baby on formula you will need to read the instructions supplied with the formula and not deviate from the recommended procedure.

It is possible to reduce the degree of nutrition your baby will be getting if you start to alter the recommended mixtures.

Once you find a formula that your baby is happy with this will ensure that they will be getting their required daily nutritional needs as they will be more likely to have formula that they enjoy consuming. Some formulas can cause allergic reactions in babies and it might take a little while before you find the one that is suitable for your child.

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors that you need to consider when using formula and bottles will need to be properly cleaned at all times.

You should never refill a bottle that has been used with more formula until it has been properly cleaned as it is too risky for your child’s health. Bacteria can form when old formula is left in a bottle.

Never share bottles that other mothers have been using with their children and don’t mix formulas or dilute one formula with another.

Cow milk isn’t recommended for younger children as it cannot be digested properly.
It is not until your child is approximately one year old before they can digest cow milk sufficiently to get the benefit of the nutrition that is available.

If you find that your baby isn’t increasing in weight as normally expected consult with your doctor and see whether a different formula might be more suitable or if there are other factors that might be causing a deficiency in nutritional levels.

Another thing that can cause degradation in the nutritional quality of the formula is if you freeze it for use at a later date.
This is something that should never be done.

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