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When Can You Study Italian

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Studying Italian or any other language depends on you. Why? Because you are the only one that has complete control of what you do everyday. If you are really interested to learn it, you have to devote some time everyday.

When you study Italian, the first thing you have to do is figure out what materials are available to help you learn this language. There are courses at the nearby college, audio books, CD’s, books, private tutors and online resource material.

If you have a job or are studying, you just have to choose which of these resources can fit within your time and budget.

You could do this on the way to work or school when you play it in your car or your MP3 player. During breaks, you can bring it out and practice a bit. If you are good in multitasking, see if you can learn while you are jogging, doing some household chores or while you are exercising.

Another technique will be to switch your television to a channel that plays Italian shows or listen to an online radio station. You may not be able to understand every word they are saying but it helps you get used to the sounds and rhythm which in time will make you easily pick up new words and phrases.

You can also learn Italian words by buying or making flashcards so that you can bring them wherever you go. Studies have shown that this technique which is used to teach kids in their primary years helps them learn grammar and vocabulary.

Once you have mastered this, it is time to move to something else so you are able to learn more about the Italian language and culture. You should now buy books written in the language so you don’t only know how to speak the language but also read it.

Of course, this is easier said that done. Since you don’t have that much time, do your best to squeeze at least 30 minutes of this every single day as this will prevent your brain from ever going into overload. Have fun doing it making up a song, making various games, dealing with a few tongue twisters or cracking up some jokes. After finishing one exercise, go over it again as this will help the brain digest the material and retain it.

So you know you are improving, set yourself some targets and reward yourself when these are reached. Once you get the hang of it, relate this with things that interest you the most so you can talk about this with someone later on.

No matter how long you have practice the Italian language, don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. You surely make a few even when you speak English so take note of it and then try to do better next time so this does not happen again.

You can do that by speaking to someone who speaks Italian or converse with someone from the neighborhood who speaks it fluently.

It is never too late to learn a new language regardless of your gender or your age. The only one who can say you’ve got time to learn it is you so make it happen and have fun doing it so everything else will fall into place.

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