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Mi Sono Perso ( Iam Lost): Where To Learn Italian

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Italian is becoming more popular than any other languages. There are approximately 62 million people who speak Italian in 30 countries. In the United States alone, there was an increase of about 15 to 20 percent in Italian language enrolment in schools compared to Spanish, German and French. Where we learn Italian is important in learning the language itself.

Italian is the Romance language closes to Latin. Almost 60 percent English words come from Latin. A knowledge in Italian will help one to understand the whys of the English language.

Aside from being mostly Latin, Italian is a scientific language. Knowing Italian can be immensely beneficial in physical sciences and mathematics. Learning Italian is also beneficial in several career fields like culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, etc.

Learning Italian therefore, is a challenge and if conquered, can be very rewarding. We should define our objectives to properly align us to where we can learn Italian based on our career or personal goals.

The best way of learning a foreign language is by immersing oneself to the culture. Travelling and studying Italian in Italy is a great way to learn the language and culture of this beautiful country. Learning language may look difficult if you’re trying to learn on your own or inside the classroom at home. However, combining travel and education makes the experience fun, memorable and exciting.

Literacy rate in Italy is at almost ninety-nine percent. Some of the oldest universities and schools in the world like the University of Padua and University of Bologna are in Italy. Numerous foreign students go to Italy to pursue educational development in their fields. There would be foreign enrolment in courses for arts, sciences, philosophy, math, engineering and also Italian language learning.

There are benefits in studying foreign languages abroad. Students develop greater awareness and understanding on the culture. Students can even explore career opportunities involving foreign languages. Studying foreign languages abroad also develop the person’s communication skills and therefore improving the possibilities of a bright career.

If a person is interested in taking up language courses in schools and universities in Italy , it is important to look for the best school possible. There are resources in the Web about Italian schools that offer Italian language programs.

These schools would have websites where we can check for the school or university facility like free internet access, good library or organized guided tours around the city. Some schools even offer cuisine classes to students to immerse them more on the Italian food and culture.

When choosing for classes, it is much better to look for group classes rather than one-on-one classes. Even though, the teacher’s attention is more focused on the student for individual classes, there are also a lot of benefits in joining group classes.

With group classes, interaction plays an important role. Students can practice with each other speaking in Italian, and students can also learn a lot from the mistakes made by the other members of the class.

If travel is not an option due to an existing work , there are other ways of learning how to speak Italian. There are online Italian courses offered and talking or conversing with a native Italian speaker are other ways to learn Italian. There are also Italian language classes offered in local schools and universities. While studying Italian is also readily available in Italian language tapes or CDs or by downloading a DVD course to the computer.

Of course where you learn Italian, speaks for the kind of Italian you learn. But one thing in common, is the desire to learn whole new culture and language.

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