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How To Learn Italian

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Learning Italian is just as challenging as learning any other language. You won’t be able to get it overnight but you will eventually get the hang of it by following these tips.

First, study the pronunciation of the language. It is best to practice the most difficult sounding words regularly until you get it and then work your way down to the most common words and short phrases. To be sure you are getting it right, check how it sounds with someone who speaks Italian fluently.

From there, you can now practice the native intonation, stress and rhythm of common, short sentences and social questions as this will help make you sound like a local instead of a tourist. The best tool to help you here are audio and video language kits. If someone in your neighborhood speaks Italian, practice with this person and tell them to correct you.

Audio books have limits to what they can teach you about the Italian language so buy a dictionary to learn other words. If you happen to encounter a new word, find out what it means and try using it in a sentence.

Given that you are just learning the Italian language, don’t expect to know everything. If you are lost in words, it is good to have a translation dictionary which will translate English to Italian and vice versa. You can also put notes all over the house describing different objects in Italian.

It is not enough that you learn how to speak language. You also have to be immersed in their culture. One way you can do that will be to borrow or buy some well known Italian literary works. Check out some plays, short stories and even the opera. If it is possible, try to read a magazine or newspaper that is written in Italian.

You should also learn how to act Italian. Across the Atlantic, people over there kiss each other on the cheek when they meet someone they know. There is no malice involved here just a sign of affection for a loved one similar to when we shake someone’s hand or give them a hug.

If you have money, pay someone who speaks Italian to tutor you through one on one conversation practice. Record the sessions, play it after and take notes so you know where you should improve on.

When all else fails, enroll in class because the instructor will give you activities to do. The community college is the best place to check if there are no language centers in the neighborhood.

The most important tip to become well conversant in Italian is practice. Don’t be ashamed if you are corrected many times because this is the only way you will learn this new language. From there, you become a better person and are now more confident in speaking that language to fellow Italians.

There are different ways to learn Italian so you must never stick to just one. This will make it easy for you to engage in a conversation with the locals when you meet someone from there or when you are there on vacation. If you feel like giving up, remember again what got you interested in learning the language in the first place then you are back on track.

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