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Wedding Speech

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As with all other aspects of your wedding, don’t be influenced by tradition when it comes to the wedding speech.

This can be as formal or informal as you like and it is your choice to decide whether you want long or short wedding speeches.

Make sure that you do know what people are going to say if they are giving a speech as there is nothing more embarrassing that to have someone reveal some information that you don’t want made public on your wedding day.

Often people don’t realize that they shouldn’t be mentioned particular events so it is always wise to discuss the contents of any speech before the event.

The people who are giving the speeches also need to understand that there might be people from various different generations at the wedding and what might be acceptable for younger members at the reception might not go down as well with the older generation.

If you are preparing a speech for yourself then take a copy of it to the wedding so you don’t forget anything or forget to thanks people for the work they have done or the support they have given you.

You should write your speech in such a manner as though you are talking to friends as it will be a lot more natural and you will be less likely to make mistakes or forget what you are saying.

Read it aloud to your partner and see what comments might help you to improve.
It is only when you read it aloud that you will realize if it is a suitable speech or not as we often write in a different manner than we speak.

Start preparing your speech early on in the planning as you will probably want to make changes along the way as you get closer to the day.
Having a copy of the speech will also help reduce the chance of nervousness affecting the outcome because you can always refer to the notes and always talk (or read) slowly to give yourself time to breathe and it will also help people to hear what you are saying.

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