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Where there are important jobs that need to be done on the day of your wedding you need to consider who you will make responsible for these jobs whether they are family, friends, or somebody that you need to pay to ensure that you get the job done right and on time.

While it might be nice to get members of your family and friends involved in these important jobs, if you know that they are unreliable you will be doing yourself a disservice to leave the responsibility in their hands.

It might be better to get them involved in something else as you don’t want any last-minute hiccups destroying your plans and this can happen so easily when the wrong people get involved.

While these decisions might be difficult for you to make, where you don’t allow friends and family to get involved in specific aspects of your wedding, the important thing to remember is that everything needs to be run efficiently as it is such an important day in your life that will be remembered forever.

When people can’t do the job efficiently they need to be replaced with somebody who can whether they like it or not.

Obviously you want to be diplomatic when friends and family are involved so that is why you need to sit down with your partner and go through the planning process well in advance to determine who will do what and how you can keep other people happy without affecting your wedding outcome and your happiness on the day.

It is your day to plan how you and your partner like and that is something that you must remember throughout the whole process.

If people truly think of your best interests then they will be happy to help where they can, according to your instruction.

Sometimes this is the reason why people employ wedding planners who can go about running the wedding as they would do in any business and make decisions that could otherwise cause problems if they are made by you or your partner.

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