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Yes! You CAN Have a Stylish Wedding on a Budget

Weddings can be extremely expensive. But if you want to celebrate your day in style, don’t you need to spend a lot to get the very best? Perhaps not. Here are some ideas for creating a stylish wedding on a budget.

Centerpieces – At the reception, the centerpieces are an important decoration. Flowers are popular centerpieces, but they can get expensive. A stylish and affordable alternative is to use candles. Float tea lights in small crystal bowls or light votives in votive holders. They don’t need to match each other – having an assortment can add to the stylish look. Instead of purchasing new, ask your friends and family members to bring candle holders from home.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets – To cut down on the cost of the bridesmaids’ bouquets, stay away from mixed bouquets with exotic flowers. Instead, choose flowers that are grown locally and are in season. Another idea is to order bouquets made up of the same flower rather than mixed bouquets. They cost less and can be very stylish in their simplicity.

Wedding cake – You might be thinking of a multi-tiered cake covered with handmade sugary flowers. Even though those are common at weddings, you can cut your expense with stylish alternatives. Instead of expensive handmade flowers, decorate your cake with a few fresh cut flowers. Another idea is to display a small wedding cake, then serve a sheet cake to your guests. The sheet cake will actually be easier to cut and serve. Or, maybe don’t have a wedding cake at all. Offer another special, more affordable, dessert instead.

Wedding dress – This can be the most expensive part of your wedding. In fact, a wedding dress by itself can cost more than the average wedding! But you don’t need to spend a fortune on your wedding dress to be a stylish bride. Instead of shopping at high-priced bridal shops, shop online at e-Bay or visit a second hand store. You may find the dress of your dreams doesn’t cost as much as you expected. You can even rent a wedding dress.

Dinner – The reception dinner is another high-prices item in most wedding budgets. You can plan a stylish meal without the expense. Instead of a large sit-down dinner, look for alternatives. Buffets are very popular and create a pleasant atmosphere for your reception. They are more informal, so your guests may be more comfortable mingling and visiting with each other. Another bonus is, you won’t need to pay for an expensive wait staff.

Shop online – When shopping for wedding favors, invitations, and even flowers, remember to visit online stores. Sometimes their prices are very competitive and you can get a great deal. Remember to check out the stores’ return policies before purchasing, in case you change your mind or if there are problems.

You can have a stylish wedding on a budget. Be prepared to think creatively and look for less expensive ways to get the results you want.

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