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Hamster Toys To Make From Household Items

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Hamsters are playful little guys. If you have a hamster, you likely know about the fun they like to have, and the mischief they will get into if given a chance. By providing your hamster with a few toys to play with, you will help him (her) to have more enjoyable moments throughout his day. Here are a few homemade toys you can create for him.

Hamster Playhouse

To create a hamster playhouse for your pet, all you need is a few small cardboard boxes such as Kleenex or cereal boxes, as well as paper towel rolls. Decide on a shape for the play structure, and think about where you want to place the tunnels leading to it.

If you have a few boxes, you can even make a multi-room playhouse. Choose where the tunnels will go and then trace around the end of the paper towel roll. Cut out the circle and insert whatever length of paper towel roll that you want to go there. Place as many tunnels in the toy as you want, as this will give your hamster different places to explore.

Treat Ball

Take a toilet paper roll and cut it into circular strips that are about 1/2 inch wide. When you are finished with this step, simply take the circular pieces and place them inside each other, slightly staggered and forming what looks like a crude ball shape. Do this until most of the empty spaces have been covered and there are only tiny strips of empty space.

Carefully push several tiny treats inside the ball and it is ready for your hamster to enjoy. It will allow him to push the ball around and dispense treats gradually for his enjoyment.

Hanging Treat

Simply place a hamster treat inside a Kleenex and fold it up several times. Wrap a string around the Kleenex tightly, and hang it from the top of the hamster’s cage. This will provide your hamster with a treat at the end of his challenge of getting it down from up above.

Popsicle Stick Maze

Create a challenging maze for your hamster by lining up popsicle sticks in a fence style. Glue them together and cut them shorter if you feel that it would benefit your hamster, or is more appropriate for his height.
Make the maze as short or as long as you like, and for an extra bonus you can sprinkle hamster treats along the way inside the maze, leading a path to the end. Your hamster will have hours of fun using this, and it won’t cost you much at all.

Hamsters are fun guys, and they love to have a great time. Their idea of a good time is generally working out, exploring, and finding treats. By combining some of these interests into a few great homemade toys, you can make your hamster’s home a great place for him to live in.

Try out a few of these ideas, and see if your hamster responds in a positive way. He is sure to have fun with these DIY toys made especially for him.

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