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How To Choose A Theme For Your Scrapbook

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Do you want to start a scrapbook? If so, you may want to start buying supplies right away. This is okay, but there is a step that you should first take. That step involves determining what your scrapbook theme will be.

Before focusing on how you can choose a scrapbook theme, it is important to understand why you should. Having a clear theme in mind will help to save money. There are thousands of scrapbook supplies available for sale, ranging from die cut stampers to themed background pages to stickers. If you later decide to create a scrapbook with a sports theme, your new baby background pages may find a new home in the trash.

Deciding on a scrapbook theme can also help you stay organized. As previously stated, there are thousands of scrapbook supplies for you to choose from. You may end up with a collection of hundreds of items or more. It can be difficult to stay organized, but not if you have a theme. For example, do you want to highlight your family’s holidays together? If so, organize your supplies by holiday. Keep all Christmas stamps and stickers together, and so forth.

Now that you know the benefits of first choosing a scrapbook theme, you may be looking for tips on how to do so. One of the first things you will need to do is decide on the purpose of your album. Are you scrapbooking for fun or do you intend to give your scrapbook away as a gift? This can have an impact on your theme.

If you opt to give your scrapbook away, consider the recipient. Who are they? If your niece just got married, you can create a wedding scrapbook for her. In fact, that will be your theme, weddings. When it comes to scrapbook gifts, special events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, are the best occasions to highlight.

Speaking of highlighting, you need to decide what you want to highlight. One of the best ways to answer this question is to estimate a length of your scrapbook. Scrapbooks can be as small as five pages, but also have hundreds of pages. If you only have time to create a small scrapbook for your nieces wedding, which was highlighted as an example above, choose the moments wisely. For a wedding, walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the first dance, and the cutting off the cake are great moments to document.

By asking yourself the above mentioned questions, such as who your scrapbook is for, you should be able to decide on a theme. If not, review your pictures. Lay them all out on a table and choose the ones you would like to put inside a scrapbook. Then, examine them. What are the pictures of? Do you have pictures of your garden? If so, create a book with a landscaping theme.

The tips highlighted above can help you decide on a theme for your scrapbook. If you are keeping a scrapbook for your own personal enjoyment, as opposed to giving as a gift, you can have a generalized theme. This theme may include important moments in your child’s life, ranging from birth to high school graduation. In fact, you don’t even need to have a theme. That is the beauty of scrapbooking; you can do whatever you want.

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