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How To Buy Scrapbook Supplies Locally

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Are you interested in starting a scrapbook? If so, is this your first book? If it is, you may be unsure as to what scrapbook supplies you need, as well as where you can buy them. You will be pleased with your options. There is not only a wide range of scrapbook supplies available for sale, but many of your local retail stores should carry them.

To get started with this hobby you need to have a blank scrapbook. These books average between $5 and $10 each. Acid free markers and glue sticks are recommended as well. These will average around $10 combined. These are items that you must have to scrapbook, but other optional supplies are available for sale. These items include photograph borders, cardstocks, themed background sheets, stickers, and other accessories.

Before shopping locally for scrapbook supplies, it is recommended that you check your supplies at home. Although specialty scrapbook scissors are available for sale, you can use your scissors at home. This helps you save money by reducing unnecessary purchases.

As for where you can shop locally for scrapbook supplies, your best bet is craft stores. Three popular craft stores in the United States are JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, and AC Moore. Many of these stores have entire shopping aisles devoted solely to scrapbooking.

When shopping at a craft store for scrapbook supplies, you will find the largest selection of products. You may not always find the best deals. Therefore, be on the lookout for great sales. Many nationally operated craft stores have weekly newspaper inserts. They not only outline sales, but may include a moneysaving coupon.

Your next best option for buying scrapbook supplies locally is department stores. Two popular department stores in the United States are K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Both sell scrapbooking supplies, among other craft supplies.

Department stores are built with one-stop shopping in mind. Since there are thousands of items inside, selections are small. The larger the store, such as a Super Center, the more supplies you should gain access too. Although it is rare to find sales on these supplies, they are usually offered at already low prices.

Discount stores also sell craft supplies. Although some refer to the above mentioned department stores as discount stores, there is more. In the United States, your two most popular options include Family Dollar and Dollar General. Both sell craft supplies, but their sections are very small. What you can do is look around for other supplies. Although a package of Easter stickers may not be classified in the store as scrapbooking stickers, they can do the job.

Dollar stores are another location that tends to sell scrapbooking supplies. In fact, the nationally operated Dollar Tree has a small section devoted to the hobby. As for locally owned and operated dollar stores, it tends to be hit or miss. Dollar stores operate on a “we have it until it is gone,” basis, so stock up when you see great deals.

The above mentioned retail locations in the United States are just a few of the places where you can find scrapbooking supplies locally. You also have the option of shopping online. Although you pay shipping and handling, you may be pleased with the low prices and great selection of products that can be found with a standard internet search.

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