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Great Ideas For Scrapbook Albums And Pages

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Are you an avid scrapbooker? If you are, you may like it when a special occasion arrives, as it is a great opportunity for you to scrapbook. Overtime, you may find yourself with one large scrapbook or a collection of individual scrapbook pages. So, what should you do with them?

If you create a scrapbook album, you have a number of different options. First, is your scrapbook for your own personal enjoyment? Have you highlighted important moments in your life, such as the purchase of a new home or the birth of your child? If so, keep your scrapbook. Throughout the years, you may enjoy reviewing it. When the time is right, pass it on to your children.

In keeping with a scrapbook album, did you create a scrapbook highlighting the life of your child? If so, pass that scrapbook onto them. When doing so, you may want to wait until the right time. This time may be when your child is old enough to appreciate their gift or at a milestone in their life, such as their high school graduation or a move to their own home. This scrapbook is one that can be passed on for generations to come.

Although many individuals create scrapbooks of events pertaining directly to their life, others opt for events or places. Did you create a scrapbook of landmarks from your hometown or games from your high school’s football team? If so, consider donating that scrapbook to the appropriate organization, as it may be appreciated and put on display.

In addition to having full scrapbook albums, you may opt for creating individual scrapbook pages. Individual scrapbook pages are good for picture perfect moments, but picture perfect moments that may not last long, such as a child’s first haircut. If creating just a scrapbook page is not something you have tried, you should consider it. Many are surprised to learn how many ways a scrapbook page can be used.

A scrapbook page can be framed. When compared to a traditional framed photograph, you will find a framed scrapbook page to be better. In fact, it will look like a work of art. If creating a scrapbook page of moments from your life, display your frame in your home. If you created a scrapbook page for another event, such as a friend’s wedding, frame the page and give it as a gift.

Scrapbook pages can also be turned into a quilt. Over the years, photo quilts have increased in popularity. When taking this approach, you have two options, handing over your scrapbook page to a professional or making your own quilt. If you have sewing experience, this is very easy to do. Scan your scrapbook page or else create a digital scrapbook page. All you need is an ink jet printer and fabric sheets.

In addition to making a photo quilt, there are many other neat items you can make with fabric sheets. This includes a fabric tote bag, pillow, throw blanket, and so forth. When using fabric sheets, for whatever the project, an ink jet printer is recommended.

As you can see, there are a number of uses for scrapbook albums and individual scrapbook pages. A scrapbook is not something that should be tossed into a drawer, hidden from view. Instead, a scrapbook or even just a scrapbook page is something that should be treasured and shared.

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