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Finding Free Scrapbooking Supplies Online

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Do you enjoy scrapbooking? If so, you may easily find yourself addicted to this great hobby. You may want to spend hours at a time perfecting your scrapbook or you may wish to have the latest supplies. In this aspect, scrapbooking can turn into an expensive hobby, but there is good news. That good news is that you can easily find free scrapbook supplies online.

Before focusing on how you can find free scrapbook supplies online, it is important to highlight what you will find for free. The major items, such as the blank album, scissors, and glue sticks, are all items that you will have to purchase yourself. These are not given away free online, unless you are lucky enough to find and then win a contest with them as the prize.

One common supply used in making a scrapbook is that of themed paper. This paper is usually colored or themed with a décor, such as wedding bells for a wedding theme. These pages are usually used as a background for a scrapbook page. They can, however, be cut into smaller pieces and used. These pages can be found for free online with a standard internet search. When performing your search, use phrases such “free printable scrapbook pages,” or “scrapbook pages to print free.”

Similar to the theme paper mentioned above, you can also find free printable scrapbook borders. These borders do come in a number of different formats. You may find full pages with a border along the edge. In this case, you simply just glue that to the scrapbook page and start decorating. There are also borders available for print for photographs. Just choose the border that matches your photograph size and print. These can be found with a standard internet search containing the phrases “free printable scrapbook borders,” or “free scrapbook borders.”

There are also free scrapbook fonts available for download. Fonts are lettering styles, which come in hundreds of different types. They are great for scrapbook pages with headlines. Many scrapbookers use fonts if they have poor handwriting. When using a font, you write your message in a program such as Microsoft Word or Works. Then print. These fonts can be found with a standard internet search. Before doing so, check Microsoft Word or Works, as they have a large number for you to choose from.

All that you need to purchase, when printing the above mentioned free scrapbook supplies, is a blank sheet of paper. Computer paper can be used, which you may already have. If you are willing to buy sticker paper, which has adhesive backing, you can find free scrapbook stickers online. These stickers are printed on the sticker paper and then cut to size. These stickers can be found online also with a standard internet search. Do, not just limit yourself to just scrapbook stickers. Your internet search phrase should be “free scrapbook stickers,” or “free stickers.”

Making a scrapbook by hand is nice, but you may not have the time or you may prefer using your computer. The good news is that you can find free digital scrapbook software online. This software comes in a number of different formats, but you essentially choose a background and insert your picture in the openings. For advanced users, other customization is possible. To find free digital scrapbook software online, perform an internet search. You should have a few free programs to choose from, but if you are not pleased with your choices, software is available for sale too.

As a recap, there are a number of free scrapbook supplies that can be found online. The best way to find these is with a standard internet search. Along the way, you may find websites that charge you a monthly or yearly fee or even a per item fee. If you find something that is nice or something that you must have, make the purchase. But, to help keep scrapbooking an affordable hobby, always check the free websites first.

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